Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Colour of Love

Some lesser known colour names in use at the moment for Crayola crayons, vehicles, etc
Aladdin Green
Amethyst Frost
Antiquarian Grey
Ashes of Roses

Atomic Orange
(replaced Chevrolet’s Daytona Sunset Orange metallic!)
Atomic Tangerine
Bachelor Button
Bibb Lettuce
Bing Cherry
Bishop Brown
Blizzard Blue
Boysenberry Cream
Brandy Alexander
Brown Sugar
Candy Apple Cashew
Cloud Pink
Cremnitz White
Egg Nog
Foggy Day
(Crayola Colour Chart, a digital collage from Jamie Shovlin, exhibited at the Tate. He sorted his crayon’s by hue in an attempt to form tetrads - combinations of colours from four equidistant points around the circle that when combined create perfect greys. There are 720 possible tetrad combinations with this many crayons and although Shovlin started the combinations, he gave up after trying out about twenty or so. Even that shows a heck of a lot of patience.)
Fuzzy wuzzy brown
Hooker’s Green
Kashmir Petal
Koala Bear
Outrageous Orange
Pozzulola Earth
Pralines ‘n’ Cream
Purple Mountain’s Majesty
Radical Red
Screamin’ Green
Sutter’s Gold
Tickle me Pink
Unmellow Yellow

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