Saturday, 13 August 2016

What Sick Looks Like: Maddie Petersil

“Insomnia comes and goes like the Sahara winds. It, like the sands, has a purpose. I embrace it. It is beneficial if one looks on it as a fact of life. Don't fight. Resistance is futile.”  -     Limner of Oh, Write Me!                             
There have been times in the history of this blog when I have gone on and on about my health.      This year I have felt a lot better for much of the time but that doesn't alter the fact that  a great deal of time is spent tired and in pain, sometimes in bed but unable to sleep.  This morning, taking note of Limner's advice I'm up, writing this, at 3.25 a.m..  I had yet another really bad migraine last night.  I am having a run of them and my sumatripan tablets do not seem to be as effective as usual.  Notwithstanding which I look OK at the moment and it's not unusual for folk to comment to that effect.  "You're looking well," said a chap who does some odd jobs for us.  It reminded me of a great video that appeared on The Mighty's Facebook site - What Sick Looks Like: Maddie Petersil.   It's well worth viewing.


  1. The link didn't work for me, no worries, I will amble over to Facebook and do a search for the video there. Some problems are visible and many are not. I hope that migraine has disappeared.

    1. Sorry about the link. I've posted the video on my Facebook page (Clive John Edwards is the easiest way to find me).

  2. I wish you a return to better days than this one.

  3. You have my sympathy, and my prayers for healing.

  4. I watched that video recently on FB I think. It is indeed a strange mix of blessing vs the opposite sometimes, that it does not always show on the outside how we feel within...

  5. I was very happy that for the most part the sumatripan worked whilst I was there and we were all able to enjoy our days out together.

  6. Insomnia is bad even when there is no health problem but those who suffer from mental or physical afflictions have all my sympathy and support. I do hope that you enter a better phase soon. It can help if you have something good to read at nights and the chance to catch up on sleep during the day, at a time when others are off doing other things. But I am sure you know that.

  7. And the video is sad and touching. Lately I have taken to checking for ticks if I have been in the countryside. Lyme Disease is a horrible affliction, which is what that woman suffers from, and it has now reached the UK.


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