Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Geoff Rollinson and Jordan Price

Recently we went to the National Exhibitionof Wildlife Art at Gordale Nursery.  It was, as usual, of the highest standard.  My favourite paintings were of Autumn Otters by W Geoff Rollinson and some butterfly ones set in Hampshire by Richard Tratt. 
                                               Autumn Otters by W Geoff Rollinson
Geoff is an entirely self-taught artist. He was born in Lancashire and his early working life was as a gamekeeper and seeing wildlife in its different seasons, has helped him considerably with his paintings.  He finds acrylic and gouache paint are his favourite media for the detail in his work which is his trademark.  Geoff's paintings cover all aspects of the Countryside, from Birds to Butterflies, from Landscapes to Livestock, also Dogs, etc.  Geoff's website has a brilliant print of a shire horse. 
Shire Horse by W Geoff Rollinson
One of the other exhibitors was Jordan Price and we met him a week or so later at Royden Park where he explained to us how he did his excellent graphite artwork. 

It was quite fascinating and I am tempted to have a go some time. 
This is a Red who is available as a print from Jordan’s website.


  1. Great work, love the shire horses.

  2. It always amazes me to see artists as they work.

  3. Beautiful!! I love shire horses in real life, but the squirrel is so perfect, too - it looks as if it is about to skip off after it has had a good look at you.

  4. Going back to have a much better look at what was a lovely exhibition was something I forgot to do. Ah well. Next year....


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