Thursday, 18 August 2016

Parkgate, on the Wirral peninsula, Cheshire

Parkgate on the edge of the River Dee is a regular haunt of ours and I have blogged about its ice cream and chips on a previous occasion.
If you enlarge this picture it will tell you about Parkgate.

 When I was little it was possible to buy twists of paper with cooked shrimps in them from the windows of a couple of the local buildings but the shrimp fishing has long gone.  It’s amazing to think that in Mum and Dad’s lifetime Parkgate went from having a fishing fleet that sailed down the River Dee to being the silted up marsh we see today.

Can you imagine the sea breaking over the rooftops of these houses?  That’s what it was like a century ago on stormy nights.  You can read all about it here at

In a century Parkgate went from having a fishing fleet to just gullies and channels in a marsh.

The mountain in the background across the marshes, the Dee and the intervening hills is Moel Famau about which GB blogged the other day.

The two women chatting are Partner-who-loves-tea and one of her students.  Wherever we go P-w-l-t bumps into a student or former student – usually with ensuing hugs and squeals (from the students – P-w-l-t doesn’t do squeals!).

A quiet corner of Parkgate – of which there are not many on a summer afternoon.


  1. How sad. The Earth is never stagnant. I wonder what's buried beneath mountains and bottoms of seas. I still wonder about the story behind the small black and red pumice stones I first noticed on my grandfather's farm when I was four. It wasn't until years later that I learned about volcanoes. Galveston isn't very far away.

    That view made me laugh. It reminds me of the man who went up a hill and came down a mountain. :) Time to look some more.

  2. It looks a place well worth a visit - no wonder there aren't many quiet corner there as of a summer afternoon!
    What a relief to know P-w-l-t doesn't do squeals...!!

  3. A place which has always been special to me. I use to go there as a child, on the bus as a teenager to start walks, to The Ship Inn with friends in my early 20s and ever since with the family. It was wonderful visiting the other day and having an ice cream.

  4. A pretty place, i know Sweetie and i would enjoy a visit if we could ever get there. Grandpa was a doctor, and no matter where we went on vacation each year, he always ran into one of his patients!

  5. Such a nice little trip, thanks for taking me along!

  6. Just lovely John, so local for me but always delightful. My two sons went to school at Mostyn House, so sad it had to close.

    1. Thanks, Cath. I always enjoy comments from you. Apart from my wife you are the only reader I have who lives locally.

  7. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing these views, familiar to you, new to me!

  8. I know what you mean about swamp vs. ocean, but I'll bet those folks with buildings right by the wall are glad not to have waves breaking over their rooftops!!

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