Saturday, 6 August 2016

Inn signs - y Pentan

Here is an inn sign from Mold in North Wales.  It is, as you will have gathered, in Welsh. y Pentan translates as the pentane.  But what, I hear many of you ask, is pentane? 

Pentane is ‘any of three known isomeric, colorless alkanes, CH, occurring in petroleum, etc.: used as a solvent, in low-temperature thermometers, etc.’ 

However, the real translation of y Pentan is an ingle-nook or fireside.  That’s a far more sensible name for an inn but it still doesn’t explain to me why we have a late Victorian or early Edwardian gentleman’s face on the sign! 


  1. Perhaps he's the kind of traveler they want you to think you will meet at their fireside if you stop in. He certainly would make a respectable customer.

  2. Maybe the inn's name really is about the alkane, and the gentleman was a scientist who did something or discovered something special about pentane.

  3. My immediate thoughts echoed Meike's.


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