Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Not quite politically correct !

A couple of notices on a wall in Llangollen:-

I always wondered who put the bubbles in lemonade.


  1. History makes for a fascinating study, especially when you look at average individuals and the things they did, or what happened to them.

  2. such a very different time!!

  3. No internet back then to spread the news! (I bet they'd be surprised to see those adverts still going around the world 150 years later!)

  4. Replies
    1. In this country (the UK) bottled lemonade is a carbonated drink like Coke. Hence the bubbles. If you want genuine lemonade - like my Mum made - you have to make it yourself!

    2. Oddly CJ Anna bought a bottle of 'Scicilian Lemonade' (the nearest thing to that which Mum made) in a teashop in Dunkeld a few weeks ago when we were there. It cost an arm and two legs I seem to recall.


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