Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pictures for the gang...

 This is mine -

Here is one for Son-in-law-who-cooks -

 And Daughter-who-loves-food -

And one for Partner-who-loves-tea -

This one is for Brother-who-blogs -

I think Daughter-who-takes -photos will appreciate this one -

And Friend-and-son-in-law-who-loves-otters has learned this one -

 This is the one for Son-who-watches-films -

And here is another one for Partner-who-loves-tea -


And, finally, one for all my readers -


  1. Okay, not only do I like mine, but even I remember those glue pots; not necessarily the same brand but the tops certainly!

  2. Loved all that. Made me laugh. I remember the glue pots. That little rubber slit in the top used to get stuck together - the teacher then had to come along with a pair of scissors and try and re-cut the slit.We were not allowed scissors in class- and no, it was not a rough school - all girls!!!! Love to Jo x

  3. I had to show Richard about the man washing dishes, he already knows that is true! HA!

  4. Great little photos and quotes.

  5. Sure I remember that glue, that was the only kind that was available when I was growing up.
    Loved the Ghandi quote.

  6. You've made it easier, now, to picture your whole family. As for being a rebel, well, i guess i was born that way!

  7. I Loved them all..but the last two made me laugh! I love being a rebel!

  8. love "my" quote - thank you :-)

  9. I remember the glue, of course, and it was Lepage. Many happy hours have I spent de-gluing the spreader.

  10. Yes, remember the glue pots and some evil white gloopy mix that the teachers used to give us to do papier mache. It never worked ! Loved the Ghandi quote. So true.

    1. Oh yes. I remember that white stuff as well. At home we used flour and water paste for papier mache.


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