Saturday, 24 May 2014

Friday My Town Shoot-out - What does your town celebrate in the streets?

(OK - it's Saturday but I nearly made it on time...)

The theme for FMTSO this week is ‘Street fairs - What does your town celebrate in the streets?’  I could have chosen Chinese New Year celebrations from Liverpool or Chester, or farmers’ markets in various local towns but instead I decided upon Morris Dancers in Exeter and Liverpool...

...and a Town Criers’ Parade in Tiverton in Devon.

 If you would like to see what other folk around the world celebrate in their streets please visit the link site.


  1. Good job they had such fine weather for the Town Criers' Parade! I guess rain would not have been very good for their beautiful costumes.

  2. Strangely I enjoy Morris Dancing whilst at the same time having the feeling that it is vaguely silly.

  3. Such rich traditions! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. I'm not sure I know exactly what Town Criers are (were)? The photos are all wonderful, though! :-)

    1. In days gone by every hour, or once a day, or whatever a town crier would stand at the town's market cross and ring his bell for attention. He would then shout out the latest news. Local traders would also tip him to advertise their goods. A bit like watching the news on a commercial TV channel! They largely faded out of use in the late nineteenth century then came back in in the late twentieth century as a tourist attraction.

  5. The Morris Dancing lifts the spirits but a Town Criers' Parade? Really? I think that is fantastic, must tell my brothers that there is such a thing. When we were kids they went through a silly stage of having town crier competitions. Judging was difficult , should more points be awarded for pure volume or content? I fancy myself as the lady with the walking stick (although mauve is not my colour), hopefully my voice will last longer than my legs. Loved your post, CJ.

  6. What a beautiful post SS. This has been a hard group to pick the spotlights from. I choose the one shot of yours of the bell, almost selected the one of the accordion but since it is Memorial weekend in America just went with the bell.

  7. I love these traditional customs that are still being kept alive.


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