Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Sunday Afternoon Saunter

Hello Guys, Boys and Girls, Fellow Bloglings, Postcrossers, lieve Wereldbewoner and Rambling Readers in general.

I must begin by mentioning the latest word to be banned by the BBC. I have a degree of sympathy with those who suggest certain words and phrases that should no longer be used for the sake of political correctness. When my son died I found there were certain things that people said to me that I found offensive even though I knew the people concerned didn’t mean them to be offensive.  So it must be the same for others.  And then there are the words that are without doubt meant to be derogatory.... 

So what is the latest BBC non-word?  I’ll give you a clue – it begins with a G and I’ve used it already in this post.  The dreaded word is ‘Girl’.  A sports reporter, record breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont, joked that he’d been beaten in a judo bout by a 19-year-old g*.  The word was left in when it was first broadcast despite being checked by a lawyer and a BBC executive.  But subsequently this sexist word was excluded from the broadcast leaving a weird awkward pause in place of the offending word.  The g… oops, nearly used it myself.  The young female person in question was Judo champion Cynthia Rahming and she was left as bemused as everyone else - she'd always thought she was a girl.

The Postcard Happiness Project
The Postcard Happiness Project is an initiative that enables us to send postcards to others who could benefit from a little postal kindness. This page is about potential happiness. It’s not meant to make you sad about challenging times. It’s designed to lift your spirits in the knowledge that there’s something small and inexpensive that you can do to lift a stranger’s spirits in a big way somewhere out there.  Tatjana Buisson posts stories of people who could do with a little encouragement or support in the form of friendly, physical postcards.  You can check out the Postcard Happiness Project page, pick a person you resonate with, take down their postal address and send them a friendly postcard (like in the good old days).

A Third Item
I had a third item for this post but I've forgotten what it was. 

Maslow Revised
A Revised Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid -


  1. And i always thought i was a g***, too.

    Maslow always was overrated, to me.

  2. I worked with two feminists, from different feminism camps. One found the word "ladies" offensive, the other objected to "women". I learnt to always speak about "people" but it was a pain in the butt. And now "girl"? Time for me to get off the bus I think. I do love the new Maslows Hierarchy!

  3. So should I find any term indicating that I am a male of the species objectionable? I have twice recently been referred to as 'young man' and without irony which was very obvious when I challenged the accuracy of the statement. I say that just so that you won't now start saying that I am knocking on 75 given your addition of about 5 years to my real age in your mental calculations.

    As for the Maslow I think you can dispense with everything not in blue.

  4. Well, I suppose I have stopped being a g*** when I turned 20, or thereabouts, and now consider myself a w****.

  5. Actually I'd be insulted if someone called me a "girl" (even when I was 19). I don't really consider it appropriate for over 18s. Maybe it's a generational thing?

    1. As you and Meike are among my younger (youngest even) readers I guess it may be a generational thing. Perhaps there comes a time when it starts to be flattering again. Obviously needs further research....

  6. Without the bottom of the pyramid I wouldn't be able to send this off to you....This G word is enjoying this post and hope you have a wonderful weekend...I'm assuming the B word is still OK? (You know...BOY) Take care John!

  7. I love your Maslov's hierarchy, it's so true. If my tv died I probably wouldn't notice, if the wifi goes do even for a moment I panic.
    And though I'm older than dirt by golly I'm still a GIRL at heart.

  8. Hard for me to judge on this one, having another first language. I could write a short essay about some perhaps comparable problems in Swedish - but I haven't got the time or energy just now :) Whether I see myself as g*** or w**** or just as a person (is that word allowed?) depends a lot on the context, I think!

  9. Wow...the minor things that are quibbled over these days with this politically correct nonsense...everyday it's something new that annoys some other group or other.
    I will always be a girl at heart, and I like it that way.
    As for the new Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs's perfect....made me smile.

  10. Well, my goodness, I have always thought of myself as a Georgia GIRL but I think that is just because of alliteration. And since I began writing to Richard when I was just 17, maybe that has something to do with it!
    Goodness me, we do our knickers in a twist about the silliest things!


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