Sunday, 25 May 2014


 It's the Monaco GP today.  All the great and good will be there on their yachts  to watch and drink their champagne. 

If the race is half as exciting as qualifying it should be fun today.  The qualifying revolved around the two Silver Arrows - the Mercedes.

Nico Rosberg did the fastest lap in qualifying but then, on his last lap, he 'made a mistake' and ended up down a side road bringing out a yellow flag.  This spoiled Lewis Hamilton's attempt to beat him to pole position because you can't go too fast through an area with a yellow flag. (Who remembers Michael Schumacher going into the barriers at Monaco after setting pole a few years ago?)

Lewis, on the left, maintained a stony and unhappy silence after the qualifying.  Nico, of course, apologised to his friend (or should that be one-time friend).


  1. Hmmm. But he convinced the stewards.

  2. Not knowing much about such racing, i'm wondering if that's a mistake anyone could have made. If so, maybe his friend needs to cut him some slack on it all.

  3. We've had racing here too with a Top Gear special included.
    More rallying this weekend too.


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