Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday My Town Shoot--out - Bridges

It's a long time since I took part in the Friday My Town Shoot--out and I may not be a regular contributor but I thought I'd put some UK bridges on this week's blog.

When I visit Daughter-who-takes-photos I often cross the Severn Bridge over the estuary of the River Severn between Wales and England. (It's free going from Wales to Englnad
with an expensive toll going from England to Wales... go figure!)

In Exeter, Devon, where Daughter-w-t-p lives there are lots of bridges over the River Exe and its tributaries. 

If we travel further South-west into Cornwall there are some ancient clapper bridges still to be found.

And although this was taken by my father, not me, I thought I'd show you the small railway bridge near my parents' house in Liverpool being widened in the 1940s.

If you want to see other bridges around the world why not visit the

I'm sure there will be some super photos on the various blogs linked to that page...


  1. I like the sculptural look of the first bridge, and the old stones and the swan of the second. My husband and I saw some tv shows of canal boat journeys in Great Britain and they looked idyllic.

  2. Bridges can be big, huge, imposing the Brooklyn bridge in NY or the Golden Gate in San Francisco..but yours sure are lovely and quaint and just beg to be crossed! I have a few friends who are really terrified of driving over bridges. Sometimes I get a bit nervous if traffic is heavy, but generally I don't mind a trip that involves crossing some. I'm going to try and get hubby to build me a little bridge over our creek in the Creepy Woods...My knees are making it difficult to jump over these days! Have a good weekend John!

  3. your border bridge is quite magnificent but I prefer the little stone bridges. I like the 'add on' water pipe (?) in your second image but my favourites are the two bridges in the second to last shot. Good to see you taking part again, John.

  4. A great selection but the Clapper bridge is a gem.

  5. I like bridges, and your pictures show some good examples.
    Last night on the main TV news they were talking about the sorry state of road bridges in Germany, something you would not expect from a country so obsessed with safety regulations about each and every little thing. Since our change of government last autumn, the newly appointed minister for trraffic has proposed a scheme for maintenance and restoration of crumbling bridges, but as is so often the case, funding is a problem.

  6. I love the second photo, and the next-to-last one - i.e. the old stone bridges. The really huge ones I find a bit scary but I still prefer them to getting aboard a ferry!

  7. There are so many lovely old bridges there! Where i live, ours are all from within the last 100 years, many within the past 50, and look either sterile or ugly.

  8. I really love to see both modern bridges and ancient ones.The first bridge makes me drive. The second photo is lovely with tiny flowers on it. Wow, that ancient bridge tells us their old stories.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy day!

  9. I love the clapper bridge in Cornwall. It looks intriguing. I am fascinated by old bridges because I always wonder how they were built without modern technology.

  10. That's a term I've not heard - Clapper Bridge. I wonder what that is - I'll have to consult Mr Google!

    1. Sorry Pondside, I should have explained. To borrow from the Goddess Wiki - "A clapper bridge is an ancient form of bridge found on the moors of Devon (Dartmoor and Exmoor) and in other upland areas of the United Kingdom including Snowdonia and Anglesey. It is formed by large flat slabs of granite or schist supported on stone piers (across rivers), or resting on the banks of streams."

  11. Bridges connect, so I always love bridges.
    And you posted beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!

    And also: a big THANK YOU very much for the Horsepack Bridge postcard! I posted it there:

  12. Do not know why I have not been to your blog for some time, but I am not surprised at how comprehensive this bridge post is. You caught them all.

  13. Hello SS, so nice to see your contribution on FSO. Great photos and narration. Bridges make for great photo material.

  14. I like bridges, they all have this unique atmosphere, if one can say so.
    I know the first bridge in your post, I crossed it last summer when I was going from England to Wales, and I have almost the same picture of it as you do. :)
    Just when writing I recalled standing on one bridge, which swingled smoothly when any heavy vehicle was passing by. That was exciting and a little scary at the same time!


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