Saturday, 21 July 2012

You’ve got to laugh…

I don’t often pinch stock photos but I just had to show you this one.


It comes from Google images and is supposed to illustrate a migraine.

Have you ever had a migraine?  Have you ever even had a mild headache?  Did you look like this when you had it?

Not a wrinkle, no screwed up eyes, no flared nostrils, no clenched teeth, just a gentle leaning of pretty head on hand ... I wish I could get through a migraine like that!

I sent it to Friend-über-special for a laugh.  She responded by creating this rather more accurate illustration…

A bit more accurate I think!


  1. I used to get migraine's when I was younger, but now it's acing muscles and bones that make it hard to get up in the morning. (Fibromyalgia, neuropathy and arthritis) I think I can empathise a little.

  2. Yes, that would be more like a real migraine!

  3. More likely, the beautiful lady was musing over which pair of shoes to wear tongiht to the party, and not having a headache - and certainly not a full-blown migraine!

  4. So right. I used to have them when younger and would be grimacing with anguish


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