Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It's the Fourth of July

So, to all my friends, blogging friends, acquaintances, visitors to my blog  and, indeed everyone in the States -

I hope those of you who are not working enjoy your day and that you spare a thought for those whose jobs are essential to the running of the country and its emergency services and who therefore have to work today.

Have a good day and stay safe,



  1. I'm with you on the people providing Emergency Services! Where would be without them?

  2. Thank you, CJ. Ours will be very quiet. Rob's been a bit under the weather lately. Hopefully on the mend now. xoxox Carol

  3. We are actually parked in an RV Park across a field from the National Guard in Montana. It has been on my mind all day. Yep, there are vehicles parked over there, even today. I'm so grateful.


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