Friday, 27 July 2012

The London Olympics 2012

The Great British Olympics start today.  London 2012 is here at last.   The Opening Ceremony will be watched by more people than any previous event on earth – at least that’s what folk say and who am I to argue.  I love the Opening Ceremony with its colour, movement and the introduction iof athletes from so many countries walking proudly behind their flags.  A mixture of jingoism and tremendous camaraderie in the spirit of sport. Sport which, for once, does not involve the players in earning millions for simply kicking a ball, or whatever.  A lot of the countries are places which are only a name to me and, I’m ashamed to say, I forget until the next Olympics.

People across the country have tried to get involved in the Olympics in one way or another.  Some of the schools on Lewis have created posters which are proudly displayed around the town.

I hope you enjoy the Games or some aspect thereof.  Whether you like sport or not I suspect even "Bah Humbug" folk like GB will find something positive and enjoyable in them.  I hope so....


  1. No croquet Olympics, I take it? ;)I may be watching a bit of the opening ceremonies tonight but my interest in sports is really next to non-existent.

  2. What great Olympic art!! And the excitement is mounting here as well. Daniel and I are definitely watching the opening ceremony tonight. I always enjoy watching at least some of the olympic sports. Enjoy!! Silke

  3. I love looking at kids' art; it's so alive! I will be watching the parade of countries tonight. It's so colorful and full of hope. Have a great weekend.

  4. I too love the opening ceremonies. The bright colors, the flags -- the Olympic rings which include at least one colour of every national flag. As you say, it's lovely to watch people compete for the joy of the sport, not the $11 million contract they just signed!

    Root for and keep an eye out for my granddaughter Eryn's friend from Bremerton, Washington -- swimmer Nathan Adrian.

    Enjoy the games! xoxox

  5. The artwork and spirit of the Olympics are amazing.


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