Friday, 6 July 2012

Frog End

A few photos of the folk who live at Frog End.

Helen and Misty




And no view of Frog End’s folk would be complete without the Mad Blackbird (but unlike GB I missed getting him with his beak open  – for once!)

GB – a visitor like me enjoying the company, food and general hospitality of our excellent hosts.

GB and Helen doing what GB and Helen do…

We had a lot of rain.

But the flowers in the garden are glorious.


  1. Such tidy cats, both Roland and Misty :-) Don't you just love it when they sit like that, with their tail neatly wrapped around their paws?

  2. Roland is regal and I'll take your mad Blackbird any day. I miss blackbirds and the English Robin. But blackbirds have such a distinctive and loud song. Your flowers are gorgeous too. I thought you were up in the Hebrides about now.

  3. Lovely! So kind of you to share your special family with us.
    Hugs, xox C

  4. Well it seems you've been doing a lot of "what GB and Helen do" too! Nice set of photos, thanks for showing. I think I could almost hear the cat purring in that first one...

  5. Flowers so often are gorgeous in the rain, it's one consolation. The blackbird has a mad look in his eye even though his beak isn't open!

  6. this! Why is it that I am so attracted to those darn blackbirds? Too many nursery rhymes perhaps?! Thanks for sharing your surroundings!

  7. The flowers do look glorious! ;^) It is so nice to catch up on your "ramblings." ;^) I have a mockingbird that begins its incessant warblings around 5 a.m. I try to just view it as a lovely morning concert, but it is very loud. ;^)
    Hugs to you and yours,
    Miss C

  8. Hello Everyone, please let me make it clear to one and all that I love Blackbirds. Along with Robins they provide the sweetest songs in my garden at home. And when one of them makes the occasional alarm noise it merely makes me look around for the Magpie or whatever has caused the ruckus. But this darned bird is absolutely mental. It doesn't sing at all. All it does is make its very loud alarm call all day long for no good reason.

  9. Lovely glimpses of your family .. Thank you :)

  10. So lovely, everyone and everything! Have a wonderful time!


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