Monday, 16 July 2012

In which we finish the tale of the journey North...

Last Sunday we woke to more rain.

And more clouds.

No matter how many times one passes Eilan Donan castle one has to stop to photograph it.

On Skye we stopped at Aros for a coffee.

I had been looking for a postcard of the Glenfinnan viaduct for a fellow postcrosser.  I not only found a postcard but here it was on the first Scottish (Bank of Scotland) note I got in my change.

 Because Scotland had no Queen Elizabeth I the usual royal cipher of EII and the crown is inappropriate here.  So letter boxes only have a crown. 

Playing at making light patterns with some of GB’s car accessories while waiting for the ferry.

We  arrived on Harris and it was still raining (though we texted Spesh on Lewis that it was glorious sunshine just to make her jealous!) 

And then last Monday it was back to the familiar view though I had to wait a couple of days for the sunshine.

It was the Celtic Festival on the Island last week and Stornoway was busy.

On Wednesday there was a welly walk which set off from the Woodlands as we were having coffee!


  1. That landscape is just breathtaking, no matter the weather and no matter how many times you show us such pictures, I just can't get enough of it!

    Never heard of a welly walk. Is this something for charity?

    And of course it is logical about the EII not being on the post boxes... just never thought of it! If such a question will ever come up at the pub quiz, I'll be the one to know the correct answer :-)

  2. Oh those views of the bays and islands just grab me. I don't know what it is about them but I just want to get the next plane -- and boat and move out there. Partly it's the space -- sorry I would have avoided the Celtic Festival. I want to be ALONE on an island -- or with my choice of company. These islands are not like the Micronesian ones I am so familiar with. The weather and bleakness have a lot to do with it. Just give me the bare necessities of life and I'd stay there. I'm part hermit I think.

  3. I really fell for that one didn't I? To this day, I believed that you had arrived in Harris in brilliant sunshine! I must confess, I could not work out at the time, why it was lashing down with rain here and a few miles south there was glorious sunshine - especially as the weather forecast had said that there would be "heavy rain in the Western Isles". So now I know - just wait till I catch up with you!! xx

  4. My heart is wrung out, near withered with longing.

  5. Great series of images! The scenery is lovely (even when the sun isn't shining!!). I fell in love with the UK, it's countryside & castles when I visited in September 2010. I think I would stop to photograph a castle no matter how many times I passed it!!

  6. It took me a moment to get the "welly". (wellington's right?)We Americans would just use the highly poetic "rubber boots".

  7. I could not just pass a castle either ;) And I'd have wanted a peek at the Celtic festival too. Never heard of a wellie walk (well, not with decorated boots anyway). And I did not know Scotland has its own money? So much left to learn in this world...


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