Saturday, 7 January 2012

A wooden Indian

This Indian chief lived on the wall of our bedroom when GB and I were young and now helps to keep Brother-who-blogs safe on the Isle of Lewis. (I'm sure his influence extends across the world to NZ to keep him safe there as well.)

He looks very much like this photograph of Chief Wooden Leg.


  1. I love this! I wonder where your parents would have gotten it?
    This reminds me of a book... Indian Givers by Jack Weatherford. Look it up on Amazon and see if you don't think it looks good.
    Also, did you get to see any movies over Christmas?

  2. Thanks Kay - it does look good - I've ordered a copy. I think my daughter, Helen, will also be interested in it.
    Unless you count a couple of really old Agatha Christie's I didn't watch any films at all over Christmas - not even our 'traditional' Christmas Eve one. Perhaps this year!

  3. Sciptor,
    Oh, I am so tickled that you ordered that book! Why can't I talk about books on my blog? It's a mystery to me...
    If you ever DO watch a film, you will have to blog about it!

  4. I'm reasonably sure that the Indian came from Uncle John. I used to think that he'd carved it but that was probably fanciful.


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