Sunday, 15 January 2012

What I read in 2011

If you want to know what I read in 2011 and which books received the Scriptor Senex Awards please visit my Book Blog. I'd love to know what the best book you read in 2011 was.


  1. If this was posted on Sunday 15th why has it just shown up now at 1035 on Wed 18th UK time. Is this Blogger playing tricks again?

  2. Wouldn't be surprised if it was, GB!
    Scriptor, your book blog is MOST impressive. I am seriously considering a name change from Librarian to something else (ok, I AM a Librarian by what profession I have learnt in my youth, so it is not entirely unjustified) because I read so little these days.

    The two books I enjoyed most in 2011 were "The Little Stranger" for fiction and "The Audacity of Hope" for non-fiction; I have posted reviews on both of them on my blog.

  3. Oh Gosh,Librarian - a potential change of name. I hope that if you do you pick something just as good. I haven't been a librarian for many decades but I still feel like that is the real me.

  4. Let me guess, you started writing the post on Sunday but have only just published it? I noticed recently that with the switch to the new dashboard the way the date/time of a post is calculated has changed.

    It used to be that you could set a time for the post to be published (and if that was in the future then it would schedule it) otherwise when you clicked publish the post was stamped with the time you clicked the button. Now it would appear that as soon as you start writing the post it sets the published time. This is really annoying when I'm working on a long post as it might take shape over a few days and I have to remember to go in and change the date/time just before I click publish, otherwise it looks like it was published days before it actually was.

    Yet another weird thing blogger have changed recently that doesn't seem to make any sense what so ever!

  5. No Mark - I simply scheduled it for 15th and it didn't publish. This happens all too often. I was then ill for a few daysd so I didn't know it hadn't published. Once I did I went to edit, re-clicked publish and it did so.

  6. Actually, Mark, I should have thought of that as an explanation because it is an irritation of Blogger and I now check each time (or try to remember to check) because I often start blogs days or even weeks before I use them and I once 'lost' one. I found it later at the original date. Silly.


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