Thursday, 5 January 2012

I'm also still missing...

Florentines at the Woodlands while doing crosswords with GB.

This represents the remains of my last Florentine with Jo, last August. I didn't quite lick the plate but not far off it.  (Helen and Ian gave me some biscuit-sized Florentines for Christmas.  I have yet to try them but I suspect once opened they won't last long!)

Occasionally, very occasionally, GB went wild and gave up his Tunnock's teacakes for something weird...

... a mint Kit-Kat !


  1. I remember you mentioning the Florentines before, and I said that I was going to show you a picture of what is sold as Florentines here. That is something I am going to do soon, now that your post has reminded me of it. Yours looks richer than the ones they make at the bakery here!

  2. You haven't lived until you have tasted a mint flavoured Kit Kat!

  3. Scriptor,
    We once found mint Kit Kats at a store here called World Market (now, out of business) and my son thought they were great too!

  4. Tunnock's Teacakes are an institution. Occasionally I break free! The Woodlands is something I would sorely miss too if it ever ceased to exist.

  5. Now I just had to google and find out what these things really ARE. Apparently a British teacake is nothing like ours... A Swedish 'tekaka' is a wheat flour breakfast bread, like a flat bun, usually eaten with butter and cheese or ham or whatever you prefer on top! They are good, but if you ordered one expecting a Tunnock's kind, you'd be very disappointed!

  6. New Year's is a time for nostalgia, don't you think?

    One thing I miss is battenburg cake -- available in the US but expensive and hard to find. Mmmm ... I can practically taste it now.

    Take care and God bless, Carol

  7. Monica, I don't know why Tunnock's Teacakes are so called. They are nothing like our other teacakes. If you order a teacake here it is more like yours - made with wheat flour and like a flattish bun but with currants in it. At Easter they have a cross on them and are called Hot Cross Buns. We often have them toasted with butter on them.
    There was once confusion when I asked Jo and GB if they fancied a teacake in a cafe. Jo thought I meant the currant bun and GB thought I meant a Tunnocks - GB was disappointed! Oops.

  8. I haven't seen a mint kit kat!

  9. Carol - you are only the second person I've ever come across to mention battenburg cake as a particular like. It is something I have to take to my friend in Canada when I visit and she will ration it to herself as a real treat.

  10. Thanks Scriptor for the additional info! Our teacakes do not have currants in them, and they are too big to fit in a standard toaster.

    I guess what they all have in common is that they go well with tea ;)


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