Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Mallard feather


  1. The fourth shot is stunning.A very different angle. May I use the picture to draw? Cheers- Ruby

  2. Did you find this and immediately know it was from a female mallard? Or did you have to think about it for a bit? As much as I love birds, I would have had to think and perhaps consult a few bird books. And then, I would have asked you!

  3. Ruby - yes, of course, you'd be most welcome to use it.

    Kay - we had to think for a while but when we realised what it was we kicked ourselves. It seemed so obvious once we'd identified it.

  4. Another lovely post. Oh how we all missed you last month when you weren't feeling well! :0)
    Take care of yourself,

    Hugs xox

  5. Good to see your name on post. Thanks for comments. I had actually been wondering how you were as on my last visit you were not so well.

    Glad you are feeling better than you were.

    The Mallard is so colourful close up like that.

  6. Thanks Scriptor..:) I'll post it once I've finished it

  7. Hello, Scriptor
    I did not know a wild duck has such beautiful purple feather!! I love taking photos of birds but I am not so good at. Maybe I am not so patient. I’m sure you took a lot of time to catch the moment. I feel as if I were watching her just in front of me.
    Best wishes,


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