Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Some misleading plant names

Kiwi Fruit come not from New Zealand but from Canada.
The Spanish Chestnut is from Asia Minor.
African Marigolds are from Mexico.
Chinese Yams come from Africa.
French Beans are from Tropical America.
Jersey Buttercups come from Germany.
Turkish Tobacco is from Mexico and Texas.
And the Jerusalem Artichoke is from N America.


  1. Now you're making my head spin. I'll just have to take your word for it... And I'm sure I will have got them all mixed up before I get this comment sent off.

  2. I'm puzzled. I have friends in Wanganui where I stay quite a lot. I had understood that around the turn of the 19/20 centuries the fruit was introduced into NZ by a teacher at a Wanganui school who had been visiting China where it was native.

    I must look that one up - but not now it's after 1am.


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