Monday, 11 October 2010


I’m afraid I’m having trouble with childishly obscene comments on my blog so I have had to go back to putting on comment moderation and only accepting comments from people with google accounts. I wonder what sort of kick people get out of leaving obscene comments - they must be very sad! I appreciate that going back to Google account holders excludes one or two of my regular (and favourite)commenting friends. I very much hope that they will think about signing up to Google because I would miss them!


  1. It is indeed a sad commentary that you've had to do this, but these few bad apples do spoil the barrel and your followers will not miss them at all.

  2. I had trouble for a while on my blog and FMTSO. lately it has been ok. I like the new spam filter they added. I think it is helping. do you use it?

  3. Indeed, it is beyond me why anybody would want to leave obscene comments on a totally unobscene blog. Don't these people have better things to do? Probably not. How sad.
    So far, I've only had two spam comments on my blog, both in Chinese letters, so I don't know what they said. But then again, I only have 12 followers, not hundreds like you do :-)


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