Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liverpool Biennial – Bridging Home

This piece of artwork – part of the Liverpool Biennial, an International Festival of Contemporary Art – was designed by Korean American Do Ho Suh.

Soeul is a very crowded city and because of its population density it is c0mpletely acceptable for an individual to invade another’s personal space. The perception of individual space is significantly different from elsewhere.

Memory and nostalgia also play a key role in his work.


  1. Awesome, how did they do that ?
    Looks like it belongs in Ripley's Believe it or NOT Show.

  2. Oh! For a change, here we have contemporary art that I both like AND understand.

  3. I absolutely love a world where people do things like this! Thanks for capturing it.

  4. quite strange for sure. I love art and how everyone has a different perception of what it is. (did you get the questions ok?)

  5. ok that is wonderful! What a great form of art! For the first time see-er of this art it would certainly draw my attention! have a wonderful weekend my friend!


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