Sunday, 28 March 2010

Something for the Weekend

For those Brits who watch “Something for the Weekend “ I should mention the change of personnel. At Christmas I was upset that Amanda Hamilton was leaving.

I couldn’t envisage anyone filling her shoes and keeping up the threesome rapport with Tim Lovejoy the male presenter and chef Simon Rimmer. I’m delighted to say that Louise Redknapp has been an inspired choice by the BBC. She is a lovely character and has fitted in so well. She’s even learning to cook though husband Jamie was hardly encouraging when he described her latest offering as ‘Awful’.

One thing Amanda said before her departure was how sorry she felt for anyone having to listen to Tim and Simon talk football all the time. Louise can never escape it – Jamie is an ex-Liverpool and England soccer player!


  1. I think that Jamie and Louise used to live in Formby.

  2. I've never watched the programme but the pics of Jamie suffice wonderfully.


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