Friday, 12 March 2010

I’m home.

Bounce, bounce, bounce, I’m back!

I’m home; I’m being royally waited on by Richard – whose cooking skills have never been in doubt but who has excelled this week – and, of course, by Jo.

First of all can I thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and good wishes while I was in hospital. I was pleased Jo was kind enough – despite being so busy – to post up-dates for you all but I had not anticipated the generosity of your comments. They have been appreciated by me and also by Jo who has had the task of working, attending hospital visiting, shopping for grapes and the like.

The level of care at Broadgreen was beyond words. The Surgical Admissions ward for the night before the op. was reassuring and every opportunity was given to patients to ask – and later to re-ask – for any information they may have felt they needed. Not only the nursing staff provided this but we also had a couple of visits from the anesthetists and the consultant and his team.

Thje operation itself went well.  There had been doubts about whether all three valves could be done but the surgeon managed it OK.

I understand the Post-op Critical Care Unit could not have been more caring – both of my needs and of Jo’s. There were some initial problems after the initial operation but she saw the consultant every time she went in and he could not have been more considerate in keeping both her and me informed.

The first couple of days did not quite go according to plan so Jo had the added burden of worrying. I spent most of that period away with the fairies (in Scouse that’s pronounced ‘furries’) so I didn’t have quite such a problem! Jo was constantly being told I was unstable! Apparently at one stage she commented, “I know that – I’ve been married to him for years – it’s his physical condition I’m worried about!”

The majority of my time was spent on the recovery ward – Ward G. I am a fairly cynical old bugger and can usually see the poor side of a service just as much as the good side. I could not fault Ward G for a single instance. The staff are exceptionally caring, dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working – a fourteen and sixteen hour day not being unusual. They forever kept their humour, even when tried to the limit by some of the patients. (Why are ‘patients’ so called? Some of them are anything but patient!!!)    But most of all, in terms of the nursing care, it was their skill in allowing the patients to keep their dignity in what are, at times, about as undignified a circumstance as possible.

Once I was on Ward G it was apparent my recovery was on its way. Whether it was being taken off drips and drains, fewer monitors, having less pain, and so on, each day was an improvement.

I shall do a posting about things I learned while in hospital but for now I should just like to say a huge
thank you 
for everything. It’s times like this that one learns how kind and caring people can be.


  1. Whew, what a relief for all of you! But for the recovery you have to be even more "patient" LOL

  2. Glad all is well, all the best.

  3. Good to see you back - keep up the good work!

  4. Welcome home; Get Well John!

    Great to 'hear' you again, if you know what I mean. :-)

  5. So glad to find this post written by yourself to confirm your progress, and full of good spirit and humour as usual. So considerate of you and Jo both to keep us all updated by blog. Tell Jo we really do encourage her to start one of her own as well!

    Gentle hugs to you (I can imagine you might still not want to be squeezed to hard), and try to keep that balance between activity and rest!

    ♥ Monica

  6. You are loved ♥

    And I am jumping with praise for answered prayers...bounce, jump, bounce, trip...ouch.

    {{big hugs to you and Jo}}

  7. Fantastic!! But you might want to have your face checked. Your eyes seem a bit beady and you have a yellow pallor.

  8. Is wonderful that you are home so soon, healing happens so much better when you can enjoy sleeping and healing in your own bed.

    Sending super care to you, and to Jo and Richard, to your lovely daughters and to that brother over here with his croquet mallet (thankfully that wooden wotsit is well away from you). Ooo - to the cat/s too who would have been puzzled by John's absence (hello Meek, hoping you're fully beter now)

    Sending gentle healing huggles and wishes of wellness via the moon (she lurks out over both our homes)

    Michelle and Zebby Cat(loud purring from him; that is best described as purrrrumbles with a Loud and deeply voiced purr and healing huggles from me))

  9. So very glad that it all went well. Both you and Jo deserve a medal for courage.

  10. Welcome home and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

  11. So glad you're home and feeling better. Hospital stays are always full of emotion and stories. I can't wait to hear yours.
    Families pull together, and you find just how wonderful and caring strangers can be.
    And what a relief to be "home". That's where the real healing takes place. :)

  12. fantastic to see you back safe and well. Keep well and look forward to seeing you in the summer. Best wishes from all the Macleods xx

  13. I haven't known you long but I could tell you are strong and the updates from Jo were assuring. So glad to hear you are on the mend and back to blogging.

  14. Pleased to see you back. I hope that you continue to make good progress.

  15. Great to have you back in Blogland as well as back home.

  16. Oh Yay! You're back! So good to see your post and hear about your "adventures!"
    Take care, take time, take your meds! :0)
    Everyone here sends love & hugs to you, Jo, and to Chef Richard.
    Bless you all,
    Canadian Chickadee & English Robin

  17. How wonderful that you are on the mend, Scriptor. I have missed your always interesting posts. I hope you continue to thrive and get back to posting fun stories and great photos very soon! Love, Deedee

  18. So happy all is well, and that all went well.

    All my best - and hugs to you, and your lovely Jo! :)

  19. What a wonderful report! You and Jo deserve an award for both of your unfaggling commitment and endurance, for just keeping-on keeping-on in difficult and uncharterd waters.

    I's so glad you are home. Your doctors and the nurses sounded wondeful and their care and caring expert and generous, but being home in your own bed, beside your favorite window again has got to be the best.

    Be a patient patient and give your body plenty of rest and time to recoop.

    Love, Dottie

  20. So glad that you are home and well on the way to recovery. Best wishes, Robin

  21. Am SO GLAD you are home!! welcome back to blogland too xxxx

  22. So glad the surgeon did "okay". Wonderful that you are home again.


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