Monday, 8 March 2010


WELCOME NEWS, Yes John is home and very glad to be back.  We arrived home at 7.30pm tonight after a long day waiting for him to be discharged, but it was worth the wait.  Now it is time for resting and recovering which will be helped by being surrounded by his books, his fellow bloggers, computer,  and his many other treasures.  Although very pleased to have left the hospital, we both want to say how well he was looked after whilst in Broadgreen.  I am sure John will blog about his experiences at a future date, so I won't attempt to give any resume here.  I just want to thank you all so very much for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers which you have been sending.  It has meant a lot to me to come home at night and read your lovely messages, they have been so supportive and kind, thank you all.  I don't think this will be my last blog, I will continue to let you know how John is progressing until he takes back his seat. John again sends his love  and his thanks for your words and support, he is looking forward to catching up with you all soon.
Thanks again, take care of yourselves, it's been a lovely experience sharing our lives, it feels like being part of a loving and supportive family, thank you.

Love  Jo

p.s.  I may just continue blogging, although not on the same scale as John, we will see.


  1. So pleased to hear that our Scriptor is home safe with his Jo :)

    You've done such a find job blogging, Jo. Thank you so much for taking the time that you have to get in here. Glad that you enjoyed it too.

    Speedy and blessed healing to our friend. And good days ahead to you ♥

  2. Welcoming news !
    So glad to read all went well, and on the road to recovery.
    Best wishes,

  3. I didn't know he would be able to go home this soon. Good for him. And good for you if you continue blogging. Start your own blog. Make it your own. Today is International Womens Day. A good day to be thinking about your own blog.

  4. Welcomed back, Scriptor! And yes, indeed, Jo! Keep blogging. It doesn't have to be much. We'll love anything you say!

  5. This is very good news! I am glad to hear it!
    Thank you, Jo, for keeping us updated.
    It looks as if you will have quite a few friends who would enjoy hearing from you in your own blog, should you decide to write one!
    Hugs to you both.

  6. Great news!
    Welcome home, John! Get well soon!
    Love to you and Jo,
    Canadian Chickadee & English Robin

  7. Welcome home! When all is said and done, perhaps you'll be feeling better than you have for a long time: more blood flow, etc.

    Glad all went well. Get well soon.


  8. Jo. It would be great to have you in blogland.

  9. Welcome back John - Jo has done you proud.

  10. Welcome home, John! Keep taking care of yourself now, and "hold your horses" before you try to get back into everything at once ;)
    And thanks again Jo for keeping us up to date with the progress - and do start your own blog when John reclaims his! ♥

  11. Just back from the wilds of Patterdale and couldn't have received better news.
    Just tell him to be careful, wet tea bags are heavy....Not as heavy as the cup mind you.
    All the best.

  12. So glad to hear the news.
    Welcome home.
    Love Granny

  13. So happy to hear John is home safe and sound! Jo you have been such a blessing! Thank you for the updates! I don't know if anyone would miss me if something happened to sweet hubby isn't at all interested in learning how to even look at e-mails let alone sign into my blog! hehehe, I guess everyone will just have to wonder...LOL

  14. Still sending all my best to you and John. So happy to hear he is home!! That's the best place to feel better.

    Also, I don't know if he'll remember, but I wrote about how I lost a lens cap in a very short distance, and blamed it on gremlins. John commented that it was the same as when the dryer eats random socks.

    Well, I found the lens cap - in the dryer. I am not kidding.

    some kind of crazy gremlin lives in my apartment, I guess.

    Hope he gets a chuckle from that. :)

  15. Good to have you back, John!

  16. Great news, welcome home dear John! Thanks, Jo x

  17. Great news that John is back home.

    Welcome back John! :-)

    And indeed many thanks Jo for keeping us all in touch. Cheers.

    Get well fellow Liverpudlian! :-)


  18. I am so glad to know that Scriptor got through the operation and is doing well. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, John, and I look forward to your posts again. All the best to you and your family. ~ Deedee

  19. Such wonderful news! I so love your words:
    'Now it is time for resting and recovering which will be helped by being surrounded by his books, his fellow bloggers, computer, and his many other treasures.' You, of course being THE treasure! Thanks so much for keeping all of us informed. Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery to John!


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