Saturday, 19 July 2008


If I am in the kitchen on a Sunday morning between 10 and 11.30 I tend to watch (or half watch) a programme called “Something for the Weekend” which includes cookery, guest appearances, new gadgets on the market, and clips from current and old TV shows. I especially like the gadgets bit – there must be a bit of the GB in me.

If I’m in the kitchen earlier than that I watch a children’s art programme called SMart. It is cleverly done and despite not having been a child for a few years I usually manage to learn something. On Sunday’s programme they showed how to make a Tibetan prayer thingy. (I use the word thingy in its most common form - i.e. I cannot recall the name. I thought it was a dohl but that doesn’t Google!). They also showed some children’s art that had been sent in. And played with camera effects. They used the fact that light travels slower through water than through air (refraction) to create some funny effects.

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