Saturday, 5 July 2008


I wouldn’t be a commentator for a big clock. or even two big clocks. It is a difficult job. Finding things to say when nothing is happening; keeping up with the action when it is; recognising players; pronouncing their names; all very difficult. But that isn’t going to stop me picking on them when they make comments like:-

“I’ve rarely heard a player praised so highly pre a game and perform so poorly in a game”. Pre a game? What’s wrong with ‘Before a game’?

“..we can sit here and pontiflicate, err, pantifocate, err. all afternoon...”

“Today she has no pressure. She can swing for the fences.” What on earth is that supposed to mean???

“One of them must win this match.” - Tennis commentator.

“It doesn’t look as though either of them could win this match.” – Tennis commentator.

“...titanium pigment flew up...” Tennis commentator - What happened to good old chalk?

“Let’s see what is eventuating out on Court Four.”

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