Friday, 4 July 2008

ART shops

GB and I called into a couple of art shops on the way down from Scotland and among the artists with whom I was impressed were Bob Tucker, Jim Taylor and Julian Friers.


Bob Tucker was born in Newton Abbot, Devon in 1951. He still resides in the Devon area with his wife Joy and their four young children. Since 1972 he has painted a wide range of subjects in particular landscapes and seascape pictures. He has no formal art training preferring to learn from other artists and studying old masters on the subject. Working in oils he seeks to combine pictorial accuracy with the atmosphere of the subject. He has an impressive number of customers who collect his work. I just loved the way he played with light on water.

Bob Tucker Title Wembury Devon 1997
Medium - Oil on canvas Size without frame -12" X 16" Price - £550


Born in Gateshead in 1935 Jim Taylor is a self taught artist. He started work at 15 years of age with a poster printing firm in Newcastle Upon Tyne. After National Service he pursued a career in commercial and industrial art. Self employed since 1970 he built up a range of clients which included British Steel, Jaeger, ICl and Vaux Breweries. Now living in Cumbria he does some commercial work as well as painting lakeland scenes, humorous animal drawings and children.


Born in 1956 in Northern Ireland where he presently lives with his wife Jill and their three children, his paintings have been exhibited extensively throughout the world where he continues to achieve acclaim from critics for his spontaneous painting style. Julian has been inspired by the landscape and wildlife of Scotland and his native Ireland for twenty years.


  1. Hi There! I recently found a small watercolor by J R Taylor...I think it's the same artist you wrote about. I'd be happy to send you a photo if you like?

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I' would like to see it, please. You can e-mail it to cjohnedwards at
      All the best


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