Thursday, 17 July 2008

Black Flowers

I remember, when I was young, reading Alexandre Dumas’ 1850 tale about a Black Tulip and all the trouble people went to in order to get the bulb. It was based on fact and the tremendous prices people paid at one time for bulbs of unusual Tulips. I wonder how those folk would react to all the black flowers that are now available on the open market. The only one I have seen in the flesh is the Cosmos which I bought for the caravan – more for its chocolate scent than for its colour which is not really black but a very dark brown. I quite fancy having a black Calla Lily (above).
Check out arenaflowers for a look at some of the ‘black’ flowers now available.


  1. I've always wanted a black iris, but they do seem more expensive than the other colours.

  2. J Parkers are now giving away black tulips for free!

    'All orders will receive 25 Queen of the Night Tulips worth £7.95 free with our compliments'


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