Friday, 19 October 2007

Word Imp

I love is currently my favourite “favourite” and it is the only blog outside those of my family that I visit it every day.

Every day Word Imp chooses an obscure word from the dictionary and asks her readers to invent a wacky meaning. There is then a poll to see who came up with the best meaning – or the most popular (mine is obviously always the best but has yet to win!) No prizes, just lots of fun.

Word Imp is a children’s author from New Zealand and among her current interests is anything about the Erebus disaster. Not having a clue what the Erebus disaster was I looked it up and discovered it was an aircraft accident that occurred on Mount Erebus New Zealand's biggest single tragedy, with one more death than in the 1931 Napier Earthquake. A total of 257 were killed (237 passengers and 20 crew) on 28th November when Flight 901 from Auckland Airport crashed on a round trip to Antarctica. More about the Erebus disaster can be seen on

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