Monday, 15 October 2007

26¾ Laws of Rambling (and Sitting) in the Countryside

Today is Blog Action Day and the subject is the Environment. So, instead of sitting in my chair and rambling I thought I’d take you out into the countryside with my 26¾ Laws of Rambling (and Sitting) in the Countryside -
1. Take your litter home
2. Punctuate sitting with walking and vice versa.
3. Plan ahead and don’t take risks
4. Listen to nature
5. Keep dogs under control and close by you – unless they are someone else’s!
6. Protect plants and animals
7. Obey instinct and take a breather as necessary
8. Admit it if you get lost (ask or if there is no one to ask stop, sit and all will become clear)
9. Hug a tree
10. When sitting take the weight off both legs (i.e. do not cross them)
11. Help to keep all water clean
12. Pack light but eat well and ensure you pack a drink

13. Leave livestock, machinery and crops alone and don’t hamper people at work – you may have a day off but some people have a job to do
14. Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to return
15. Salute lone Magpies with ‘Good Afternoon Mr. Magpie’ – (irrespective of the time of day or the Magpie’s sex – if known!)
16. Use gates and stiles – clambering over walls and fences may damage them
17. Remember the weather can change rapidly and dress accordingly; carry spare clothes to ensure you can keep warm.
18. Really look at your surroundings and appreciate the most distant landscape and the tiniest insects
19. Do not drop matches, cigarettes, etc. or start fires. Fires can devastate large areas and destroy some wildlife for ever..
20. Leave gates and property as you find them
21. Respect other people’s rights and needs.
22. Paddle in some water or have a foot massage (N.B. Unless you’ve got something weird about your feet this should not contradict no 11 !).
23. Make no unnecessary noise and for God’s sake – and mine – do not play radios or music aloud.
24. Obey signs
25. Remember to breathe
26. Take your litter home – Yes, I know it’s in twice; that’s in case you forget!
27. Enjoy !


  1. The 3/4 one was the second 'Take your Litter Home' on the basis it appeared twice!

  2. Fair enough, dude. There is a fair chance I'll be out on Dartmoor this weekend. I never fail to encounter 'weather' out there among other things. Rest assured I'll take a mental copy of these laws even though most of them have been ingrained for quite a few years now.


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