Thursday, 4 October 2007

French Kings

On October 4th 1289 Louis the Stubborn, also known as Louis the Quarreller (Louis X, king of France from 1314-16) was born.
He was preceded as French monarch by, inter alia, Charles The Bald; Louis the Stammerer, Charles the Fat; Charles the Simple; Louis from overseas; Louis the Lazy; Robert the Pious; Louis the Fat; Louis the Young; Louis the Lion; Philip the Bold; and Philip the Fair. Following the stubborn quarreller came (again, inter alia) John the Posthumous (who lasted five days); Philip the Tall; Charles the handsome; John the Good; Charles the Wise; Charles the Beloved; Charles the Victorious; Louis the Prudent; Charles the Affable; Louis the Father of People; Francis the Restorer of Letters; Good King Henry; Louis the Sun King; and Louis the Beloved. After that the French stopped having beloved kings and became a boring old Republic.


  1. very interesting... were those really the "names" they were given by the peasants and such?

  2. I suspect that most of them were given in retrospect by the historians! Wouldn't it be lovely to know? And if they were given by the peasants I wonder what names we would give to our present Royal family?


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