Thursday, 11 October 2007

Weird Converter

The other day I mentioned a useful conversion site. Here is a totally useless one but it is fun. After all, I bet you never knew Jennifer Aniston weighed around one tenth of the weight of a Right Whale's testicle!
(Managed to avoid temptation to illustrate blog with picture of either!)


  1. Good heavens! I weigh 4 kilos less than the average American female and I thought I was overweight! If someone tells me that the average height of an American female is 5'11" and they are not overweight I will not believe it.

  2. So Jennifer Aniston weighs 49.894 kilos. But a whale with a testicle weighing nearly half a tonne!!! Good heavens.

  3. I had no idea just how ugly (sorry to be qualitative) a Right Whale is.


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