Saturday, 27 October 2007

Useless Facts - yet more of

The Biblical account Noah's ark doesn't say that two of every animal were taken aboard. Rather, there were two of each "unclean" animal, and seven of each "clean" animal (clean animals were those suited for sacrifice and eating).

The average American bank teller loses about $250 every year (Can some of it come my way please?)

Nowhere in the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden is an apple mentioned.

A 75-watt light bulb produces more light than three 25-watt light bulbs. (Is this really true??)

In the 18th century, opium, cocaine, and marijuana could be purchased from druggists over-the-counter, much as aspirin is today.

In the 1890s, a fad of body-piercing was taking several countries, especially Victorian England, by storm. Yes, people were putting rings and studs in all of the same places as they are doing now.

There are over 500,000 metric tons of tea in China.

In a country's name, "stan" means "land."

Christopher Columbus never used that name in his lifetime. He called himself Colom, Colon, Colombo, or Colonus, depending on where he was living.

Sigmund Freud was afraid of ferns. (Is that Freudian?)

Albert Einstein slept ten hours every night.

Henry Ford was the first billionaire in the U.S.

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