Sunday, 21 October 2007

Strictly Come Dancing

I mentioned ‘Eggheads’, the television programme yesterday. There are only a few other programmes i watch on a regular basis – MotoGP and Formula One (whose seasons are ending), ‘Country Calendar’ (which only has four short series a year), ‘Top Gear’, and ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ together with its sister program ‘It Takes Two’.
I know nothing about cars but 'Top Gear' is unmissable because of the repartee. Its a bit like MotoGP – one would watch and listen to it for the introducer and commentators even if one knew nothing about motorbike racing. As for Formula One the majority of the races nowadays are boring as hell but one has to keep watching in case one misses the one or two races a year that are enthralling.
I presume ’Strictly Come Dancing’ qualifies as a reality TV show but despite having sworn I would never watch one I enjoyed the last two series of Strictly very much. The laughs, the glamorous costumes, the beautiful women, the music, the way in which we get to know the characters over the weeks, and the quality of the dancing make it great fun. The competitive edge and trying to guess how the judges will react also add to the delight. Not being a celebrity follower I know very few of the celebrities at the beginning of each series but some of them seem very pleasant personalities. The only downside is that after the first couple of weeks one feels sorry that anyone has to go out. Even the people one doesn’t think can dance (and doesn’t particularly like) have usually put so much effort in that seeing them depart is sad.

My tip for the winner of this series is Gabby Logan with Alesha Dixon as runner-up followed by Kelly Brook; with Dominic Littlewood doing the best of the male dancers. That’s just scuppered their chances!! As I write this in advance, on Friday, I think John Barnes will go out this week-end. Brilliant footballer, lovely man (and my closest celebrity neighbour) but too lumpy and casual on the dance floor. Sorry John.

(N.B. - P.S. Now pasting this into Blog on sunday a.m. after watching last night ( take it back. John will stay and tonight's departure will be either the GMTV girl or the Eastenders one.)

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