Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Why is life full of questions?

And why do computers and technology misbehave? Everyone says Blogger / Blogspot is easy to use and yet what happens when I first try to upload a new post into my new blog – this:-

The front page says there are two posts and yet only one appears and the second one I did has vanished into cyberspace. We will see if this post works.
Another question - why does the Blog say I have posted the entry at a totally different time to GMT - it seems to be about 8 hours out. (Sorted this now...)

Anyone who looks at my profile will notice that I have used a photo from the mid 1980s. It was taken by the Liverpool Echo photographer as I sat at my desk just after hearing that Knowsley had been granted a reprieve by the Boundary Commission and was not to be added to Liverpool. I was so relieved and so pleased that all our hard work had paid off that I forget to be self-conscious. So I use the excuse that it is a ‘natural’ photo of me and forget the vanity of liking a picture that has twenty years’ fewer facial lines and twenty years’ more hair on it.


  1. So I convinced you to move back to a blog! I also had some problems with blogger this morning (some of the help pages are missing) so I assume they are having a bit of a problem.

    Also don't know if you intended the labels to be a single label "Blogs Portrait of CJE" or possible two labels Blog and "Portrait of CJE". It took me a while to figure this out but you need to comma separate the labels. This way posts that both have the label portrait can be found even if they don't both have the label blog (hope that helps),

  2. I'm not quite sure that you have the right just yet to call yourself Senex. GB


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