Tuesday, 21 August 2007

That Favourites Problem

Most people I know have a load of favorites (sic) / bookmarks and are presented with two problems. Firstly, because they use two machines (or more) the link they are after may not be on the machine they are using. Secondly, they are disorganised. (The bookmarks not the people!) The principal example of that is having differently named folders on the different machines and not bothering to label them correctly because it is easier just to hit the ‘add to favorites’ button.

I have a way around this that I have used from my earliest computing days. It consists of a webpage with my links on it. This can either be stored on all machines and updated from one to the other as and when or can be uploaded to a website. Although I use the former method, the latter is preferable since it stops the problem of having two different sets of amendments going at the same time which can easily lead to losing the latest additions to one machine. I use the latter method for Jo’s page to save me accessing her machine and anything she wants added she can just e-mail to me.

It lacks the immediacy of hitting the favorites button but tends to make you more disciplined in what you decide you are really likely to revisit and has the advantage of adding value judgements by either positioning or direct text.

All that has to be done then is to make this the home page in your browser and ‘hey presto’ easy access to all your favourite sites...


  1. I can never remember which web browser you use but if you use Firefox you really should take a look at Foxmarks.

    Once installed you don't have to do anything but keep bookmarking pages as usual. The difference is that you install it on all your machines and use the same username and it keeps the bookmarks synchronised across all the machines. I'm currently using it on 4 machines to keep the bookmarks the same on all of them and it works a treat.

    As an extra feature, if you are on someone else's machine and you want to access your bookmarks you can do by logging into the foxmarks site and getting your bookmarks in a normal browser window.


  2. I use both Firefox and Internet Explorer on two computers. I downloaded Foxmarks. Unfortunately it wouldn't let me create a Foxcloud account. When trying to create the account the message comes back: "Your accouint could not be created. Please check your settings and try again. Error is Didn't find Content-Location" Unfortunately I can't find any hint as to what settings need altering. Graham

  3. Well I don't know what all that was about. I just had one last try before closing down for the night and it created the account 'nae bother'. It's a funny old world.


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