Thursday, 16 August 2007

Amazon pre-orders

Do you ever pre-order books from Amazon? It can be well worthwhile because they often do good value offers on pre-orders which disappear once the book is published. However, beware! There are times when the price comes down just before publication. So, for example, months ago I pre-ordered the latest Terry Pratchett Discworld novel so as to get it as early as possible. It is my version of waiting for the latest Harry Potter. When I went to the site to check when it was due out I discovered it was six pounds cheaper than when I first pre-ordered it. Needless to say I cancelled my order and re-ordered it.


  1. I'm sorry but I still can't come to terms with the concept of pre-ordering something. Surely one either orders something or one doesn't. I could go on.....

  2. Normally they will actually charge you the new price and send you an e-mail explaining that they have reduced the price. Although sometimes this hasn't happened until a week or so after the item shipped and so they have had to refund the difference.


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