Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Tree 2016

Our Christmas tree has been up a few days now but still wasn't up as early as I would have liked.  Have I mentioned that next year I am beginning Christmas planning in April?

It has to be protected from the cats by a wire guard.  Last year that wasn't particularly effective but it has worked so far this year - touch wood and whistle.

I've often wondered what the Angel did wrong to have a spiky branch stuck up her nether regions...

Each year we tend to add at least one new ornament.  This year it was a snowman.

And we were given a delightful bird on a nest by Friend-uber-special.


  1. What a pretty tree, I love the ornaments and also when it is lit up at night. I love Christmas trees!

  2. Merry Christmas, Scriptor. Your tree looks wonderful. You've done well to keep the cats out :) I'm having trouble keeping up with blogging already. May do better after Christmas. Keep healthy and peaceful in the New Year.

  3. So beautiful! Merry Christmas John to you and your family! Thanks so much for the lovely Christmas card...you're a wonderful Blog friend!

  4. Such a beautiful tree. That bird is special. I like your tree.

  5. Beautiful tree!!
    It seems to look alot like Christmas...

  6. As I always spend Christmas at my parents', I don't have a tree in my flat. But if I had one, I think I'd want the little bird in the next, too, it is really pretty.
    My parents put the tree up on the morning of Christmas Eve. In the afternoon, my sister joins my mother in putting the ornaments on. I get to see the finished result with the (real) burning candles at 6.00 pm. No matter how many years I've been celebrating Christmas, it is still a magic moment.

  7. Beautiful! We have our Christmas pirogue/bookshelf, a tree would be down on the floor all of the time if we had one.

  8. Love your Christmas tree, John. I'm asking myself how a Christmas tree can manage to look English? No answer but it does to me. I decorated my tree by myself this year, for the first time in many years and it lacks the surprise touches of grandchildren. Hope you and your family enjoy Christmas and that you get to spend time with your recently arrived treasures.


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