Friday, 30 December 2016

Closed for Christmas

Partner-who-loves-tea and I were in Hoylake on The Wirral on Tuesday.  Because Christmas Day was a Sunday the day after Boxing Day was a Bank Holiday.  There is no collection from post boxes on a Bank Holiday. Nevertheless, we did not expect to find that the post box had been gift-wrapped for the holidays!  Very amusing!

Colleen on her blog brought to my attention a brilliant tweet from this week -

“Betwixtmas: the days in between Christmas and New Year when you’re not sure if you should be drunk or at work.”


  1. Oh, I'm NEVER not sure about that..... ha!

  2. Well, I am (at the moment) neither drunk nor at work - just enjoying a few quiet days, catching up on small jobs around the flat such as scrubbing the oven or washing down doors.
    The place's name Hoylake reminds me of Hoyland in South Yorkshire. I don't know what "Hoy" stands for but I am sure it is there for a reason.

  3. Someone with a sense of humour methinks. The concept of Betwixtmas certainly seems to be applied in many cases up on Lewis: there is an uncertainty about whether any shop or service is open or available.

  4. Haha. Well, around here no more post boxes will be emptied this year... So putting the card-writing on hold over New Year! :) I like word Betwixtsmas. In Swedish we call the days between Christmas and New Year "mellandagar" - which means "the days in between" (without need to specify further). We also have the word "mellandagsrea" (rea = sale) referring to the tradition that there is always a sale starting after Christmas; except that nowadays it tends to start even before Christmas, which makes it all very confusing.

  5. How cheering, to decorate the post boxes. That is a very funny comment, too, about the time from Christmas to New Year. Some call it Zerowork Season!

  6. Great way to honour the post box :-) Usually they are the starting point to bring us small flat surprises (mail I mean :-) ). This time it is the box itself that is boxed :-)

    Today in NL the post boxes' openings are closed, too. Not because of the fact that there is no pick up of the mail today, but to protect the post boxes from fireworks: firework is for sale since Thursday and there are always silly people who think they have to throw firework into the post boxes to have them explode :-/

    Nice word, Betwixtmas:-) As far as I know we don't have a special word for it here.


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