Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Two new cats

Partner-who-loves-tea and I had a wander around Liverpool and the Wirral one day last week doing a few odd jobs and calling in at the Brimstage craft centre.  I bought a couple of cats but their upkeep won’t be quite so expensive in time or money as Mac and Annabel.


  1. I had exactly one such cat as the one on the left, but I never used it for its intended purpose, and so I gave it away.
    With these two new additions to your household, I don't think Mac and Annabel will have a jealousy problem :-)

  2. Oh, they are cute. I like both of them, John. Nice find.

  3. If you love something - why not indulge yourself?.....and these little fellows won't be getting into any trouble!

  4. Those are beautiful! Just the kind to add when you have enough breathing (and shedding and clawing!) cats running around already.

  5. Charming! The multi-coloured one looks a bit superlambanana-ish...?


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