Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Faerie Grove - Copyright 2008 Howard David Johnson

I have hundreds of pictures stored on my computer - some of them are anonymous but I'm glad to say I know who created this one -  Howard David Johnson.

 I don't think you could find a better representation of a faerie grove no matter how hard you looked.  And as I said last August, everyone should believe in Fairies and Mermaids, Pixie Dust and Grimoires, Snail Mail and La Fee Verte, and Unicorns and Dragons...


  1. Of course i believe in them, they exist just beyond that next edge, and i'll get there someday...

  2. Fairies? Oh yes - I am sure that some lived at Pondside and that one or two followed us to the new-old house. They are just there, only ever seen for an instant from the corner of one's eye.

  3. Well that's interesting. I've never, to my knowledge, heard of a Grimoire and I though La Fee Verte was Absinthe. The picture is beautiful. HDJ has an interesting collection on his website I have to say.

    1. La Fee Verte is the affectionate French nickname for Absinthe. The Green Fairy was used as an advert for it on 19th century posters. Rather like one might use pink elephants for Scotch Whisky, or not, as the case may be!!!

  4. "grimoire" ... another new word for me! ...


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