Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Enormous Turnip

This week GB picked the first of his vegetable crop.   

Not exactly the Enormous Turnip but he halved it and we agreed it was an above average Radish!

Aha!  Gloves and a spade.  This looked more serious.

But I didn’t know he had any veg there.

It’s taking a lot of effort.  Oh look!  It's not the Enormous Turnip. He's been weeding - it is the Gigantic Prickly Sow-thistle!


  1. Wow! I picked a ton of thistels this year but none as big as that! Because of the rain we've had our garden is going to take it's time maturing...but the weeds never have a bad season!

  2. That looks like the sort of weed we get! Jurassic weeds, I call them! :) xoxox

  3. This sums up life, a tiny radish and a giant thistle.

  4. I am sure this first radish tasted wonderful!
    The next-to-last picture is great. I never manage to capture just the right moment.

  5. Glad he got it before it seeded! Thistle is crazy stuff. Yes, the first eggplant about the size of the palm of my hand was delicious.

  6. The first veggie from the garden must taste wonderful! My hat is off to anyone who can grow a garden.

  7. I have to say that the radish was more tasty than the first potatoes I harvested and we ate tis evening. The thistle was quite daunting and it grew so quickly.

  8. Glad that GB conquered that pesky weed before it had a chance to release it's hellish offspring.
    I thought I had read practically all of the Ladybird books, but I guess not...will be seeking out "The Enormous Turnip" to give it a read online.


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