Friday, 17 July 2015

More Odds and Ends

Lews Castle

Another of my Hebridean friends – Misha.  Normally she doesn’t like me taking her photo but I got away with it last week.

A seal in Stornoway Harbour. 

I have previously identified the seals in the harbour as Grey Seals but this looks more like a Common Seal.  Sadly the photo wasn’t as good as ones from previous years.  And I am anything but an expert on identifying mammals wot live in the water.

Meadow Buttercups.
On the golf course there is a dog-leg on the first hole and you cannot see where the ball ends up when it has been hit the first time.   When people have cleared the dog-leg and it is safe for the next group to play off the tee they ring the bell on this stand of trees.   

 I have always wanted to catch a picture of someone ringing it.

 Librarian was surprised that The Island ofthe Dead was large enough to have had a building or buildings on it.  A small boat went past it a couple of days ago giving me an opportunity to show an idea of the scale.  It is obviously larger than some people thought but I still wouldn’t like to live on there if I sleep-walked.

This is what salt and wind can do to a metal fence post.

Yellow Flag Iris.


  1. The Island of the Dead still looks too tiny to have ever hold a building! You're right, sleepwalking would not have been a good idea for anyone who lived on it...
    The bell on the tree looks strange, like something out of Narnia.
    And the metal pole looks as if it was burnt, with those blisters. Good job it does not feel anything!

  2. Good to see you out and about in the sunshine.

  3. Your cat has mastered the disdainful look.

  4. Dogleg. That's a new one to me - had to look it up. As I don't play golf I'm still not sure I quite get it, but never mind. I love Meike's comment about the the bell. Had to look it up in The Magician's Nephew... "Make your choice, adventurous Stranger; Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had." :)

  5. You have a very diverse collection of sights for us today. The bell on the tree sounds like a good idea. A novel idea, too, I think. I'm really enjoying your Hebridean posts.

  6. Wonder if I can put a bell on my trees to warn Brazen and crew to stay away.


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