Friday, 24 July 2015

Ness and the Butt of Lewis

The Loch Seaforth arriving at Stornoway with Partner-who-loves-tea on board.

She brought the sunshine – and her camera, of course!

It was useful to hide behind when GB drove us up to Ness at the NE corner of the Island on Wednesday.

If I’m not photographing pillar boxes I’m photographing Royal Mail vans – how weird is that?

From Ness we went round the corner to the Butt of Lewis. 

GB photographing seabirds.

Black Guillemots.

Nesting Fulmars – note the little chick behind the one on the left.

One of the stacks.

Some of the wonderfully folded strata.


  1. I was trying to get pictures of a fulmar in flight. They are very fast and I'm not sure yet if I got a usable one from the 100 or more shots I took.

  2. Good to know Jo arrived safe and sound, and now can enjoy some truly well-deserved rest there with you.
    Great pictures, as always!
    "Ness" makes me think of my American friend Vanessa, my faithful running partner once a week. Her nickname is Ness.

  3. Hooray for vacation together! Have a blessed and beautiful time, and enjoy the beauty, soak it in! It's nice that you share it, too.

  4. I don't know about the butt of Lewis, but that's definitely the butt of GB! 8-D

  5. I'm glad you seem to have got at least one sunny day!!! :)


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