Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Holm (Scottish Gaelic Tolm) is a village near Stornoway.   

If you cross The Briaghe, the narrow isthmus which connects the  Eye Peninsula to the rest of Lewis (top right of above photo), in the direction of Stornoway, Holm is down at the end of the first road on the left.  Notwithstanding this I cannot recall ever having been down there before.   On Monday we took a trip down there in the sunshine.



  1. Such lovely photos, John. I particularly like the one of the Highland cow -- or coo, as my sister-in-law likes to say. (Her brother and family live near Inverness.) In fact, when we were in Scotland many years ago, I even bought a little statue of one to put in my china cabinet. xoxox

    1. DeeDee was it a pottery one? If so what was it like? How long ago?

  2. Aaah, these are all absolutely wonderful photos. So beautiful. And the last one made me laugh :)

  3. It looks like it was very much worth the trip!

  4. How lovely, you make me feel that I am walking along with you and your brother!

  5. Great pictures! Love the relaxed "smile" on the cow's face.

  6. Lovely photos CJ...the rusted metal rings reminded me of onion rings....maybe I should make some today for lunch.
    Holm looks like a peaceful village with an assortment of wild life...wouldn't want to run into the one in the last photo at all though....looks like a menacing fellow.

  7. It's unlikely that you've been to the end of this road CJ. In the 40 years I've lived here I've not been down the last 500 meters either.

  8. Nice to know there are still surprises to be found at the end of a road. That is one contented looking highland cow! Life must be good at the end of that road.


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