Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Trespasser

A Long-eared Owl, normally only resident in the Lews Castle grounds spread its wings and flew up to the moors between Bayble and Garrabost the other day. only to get mobbed by the Great Skuas.
I didn’t get much of a photo of either but at least they added to the memories of the holiday.
The Long-eared Owl

The Great Skua
 Previously I have had better pictures of the Skuas on the lochan behind the house and down on the shore.  


  1. Makes me wonder if it's coming to reveal your magic powers like the owl in Harry Potter.

  2. I think I like Colleen's take on it. Maybe the owl was/is magic! :) xoxox

  3. Oh, I do love this. Such a magic experience. I do not know what a skua is but they must eat the same rodents!

    1. Skuas are vicious birds that attack anything in sight. They chase the gulls and terns in the hope of frightening them into dropping the fish they have caught.

  4. So birds of a feather really do flock together, and protect their territory!

  5. Birds are so hard to capture in flight! Nice job! Looks so interesting. We have a white owl living in one of the pines but I've never been able to get a pic. I love the colors in the previous post..so beautiful!


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