Saturday, 23 March 2013

It's been a while

It’s been a fortnight since I told you what has been going on in my world. 

Mothers’ Day in the UK was 10th March.  Ivy felt a bit left out of the process.  "Can't I have a present please?"

Some gardening got done.  The snowdrops are still looking good.

Cowslips are out.

But most of the garden doesn’t get any sunshine and is still covered in frost and the ponds are frozen over.

There are lots of other things to photograph around the garden. Like these clematis seeds.

On 15th March Ivy had her collar off.

The back door had its cat flap fitted.

And Ivy was allowed out.
So this is the big wide world.

Like all cats the first thing she did was climb and before long the sound of piteous meowing was heard from the top of the twenty five foot hedge.

It’s alright you standing there saying come down.  How?

There’s a different variety of Snowdrop under the back hedge.  Well, I might as well be taking photos while she’s finding her way down to ground level again.

On 21st March I was out in the Spring sunshine photographing Daffodils.

And gardening. 

It’s a good job I hadn’t got anything too sharp in my hands when the catten kept jumping on my back.

22nd March – Three inches of snow.

It totally bemused someone.  She kept looking round – first at the snow and then at me. "Is this stuff your fault?"

I don’t think I fancy going out there.  It smells cold.

23rd March – Eight and half inches of snow.

And over twelve inches in drifts.

While I was taking this photo

Someone decided to walk out onto the window ledge

And fell off.

She investigated for about five minutes.

And then it was back to the most sensible place in the house.

Foolishly Partner-who-loves-tea and I went out to the shops.  P-w-l-t is the one with the red scarf.

It’s beginning to melt 

but more snow is forecast and they reckon it will freeze overnight.  Oh joy!


  1. Oh lord, what a winter you've been having in the UK. My niece just posted that she is driving up to Norfolk today to see her grandparents and it's snowing. Are we having fun yet?

    We haven't had much snow this year, though we did get some yesterday, but fortunately the two or three inches melted by around three o'clock. Still feels cold though. Enough already!

    Love the photos of Ivy, investigating the snow. Take a leaf from Ivy's book, and stay inside where it's warm today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    Love and hugs, Carol & Rob

  2. Love your photos and commentary.

  3. It's amazing how different the temperature is down South. No snow for us, either now or last time you had it, and I think the ponds only froze over for a couple of nights this entire winter.

    If only it was drier then I'd be able to get out and do something.

  4. Maybe not a great post but a damn good one. Ivy will become a star..A great cat she is.

  5. your home area sounds like mine in Indiana! the sun is shining brightly, but a snow storm is predicted for tonight. :( I'm really ready for spring. the flowers are gorgeous, none blooming here yet. I did win a pot of mini-sized daffodils at the Lenten breakfast this week. I was thrilled to have a bit of sunshine in my kitchen!
    tell Ivy my Jax and Ting meow "hello!"

  6. I was surprised and tickled when I went out to the mailbox! thank you so much for thinking of me! I have been lax in sending out postcards. I'll get back on track after Easter. thanks again!

  7. So you're the one in the black scarf...? (he-he) ... You got more snow than we did here!! And on top of all those lovely spring flowers too! (ours hadn't come out yet anyway...) Ivy must be having a hard time trying to understand the times of year. First comes spring, then winter... then what?

  8. I am SOOOOO VERY HAPPY that Ivy is now without that confounded collar.
    I loved this post, about her first impressions of outside wanderings, and giving you a hard time while you garden (Ha!)
    I don't envy that snow you're having CJ, it looks miserable....hope it goes away soon.
    Keep the Ivy photos and stories coming. I'm just as curious as she is about her new found freedom.

  9. Oh my, the snow is crazy! You are having worse weather than us, although I shouldn't say anything because snow is heading our way tomorrow. We really had a lovely day today but no daffodils blooming just yet. Ivy will love her new kingdom once the weather eases up. Our cat won't venture anywhere near snow..she hangs out inside until the sun shines! That is a wonderful snowman and your wife looks lovely too! Hope all calms down and Spring arrives but I will say your pic of your snowy garden is just beautiful!

  10. A damn good post indeed. I love Ivy's investigations.... The snow pictures are gorgeous. It's amazing going from one day of flowers in the garden and then snow coverage the next day. Stay warm.

  11. Ivy is very pretty! and smart. lol

    your winter pics are pretty but I bet you are very sick of it all. starting to get nicer here in Michigan. snow is gone, again!!

    I love the seed picture.

  12. You had snow??! Has that happened before in your area? Can't remember if we had snow in Holland near the end of March.... The snowdrops (2nd) I've never seen - beautiful! Ande the rest of your garden:) Thanks for visiting me!

    1. We usually get one or two fslls of snow each winter but usually they are only an inch or so and disappear within a day or two.

  13. There can be so much fun with Ivy, John. The pics are lovely!


  14. Great to catch up with the pictures of life on the Wirral.

  15. Yay! Ivy has her collar off and is allowed out! It was nice to accompany her on her first adventures with high hedges (so typical) and the snow (also typical).
    Glad we don't have as much snow as you, but there shouldn't be ANY snow at all this time of the year.


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