Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I'm up to three days ago

 Photo from the internet
I’m up to three days ago.  What on earth does he mean ‘I’m up to three days ago”?  What I mean is I am going through people’s blog postings and I’ve got as far as three days back.  So I am 35 blogs from the top of my sidebar.  But since some people post daily that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve only got 35 posts to look at.  Help!  By the time I’ve reached the end of this paragraph someone will have posted another….

Why the photo of the Forth Road Bridge?  Because we used to have a saying that something was ‘like the Forth Road Bridge’. It was said that as soon as the men (it was men in those days) got to the end of anointing (that’s an interesting spellchecker slip for the word painting) the Forth Road Bridge they had to start again at the beginning.  So a never-ending job was ‘like the Forth Road Bridge’.  Does anyone say that nowadays, I wonder?

I owe one long e-mail and two short ones.  I have about seven e-mails to read.  I need to arrange a day for visiting my cousins.  I have a postcard to register in Postcrossing.  I have two other postcards to acknowledge.  

I have to be nice to a very unhappy catling. She was spayed yesterday and has to wear a collar for the next ten days to stop her pulling the stitches out.  Yesterday she woke up from the anaesthetic and was unhappy about the collar.

Today she is even more unhappy!

I would quite like to watch an antiques show on TV.  I need to install a cat-flap in the back door.  

About the only thing I am not feeling guilty about at the moment is the garden – it’s been a beautiful sunny, warm, Spring-like day and I have spent quite a bit of it in the garden.  

I have even tidied up the leaves and twigs from the gravel drive at the front – a job that was about three months overdue. 

And Partner-who-loves-tea and I got our morning walk in so I’ve done my official exercise for the day.

And now I have a migraine – the start of a really bad, sick migraine of the sort that is going to cripple me.  I’ve had my tablets and they have had no effect so I’m typing away to try to distract myself.  I won’t be able to persist much longer.  Bummer! I’m getting a bit fed up of these. Still – I shall get back to reading blogs and commenting until such time as I am driven to bed to moan and feel sorry for myself.  I have decided that you must be as bored with my migraines as I am; so I have resolved I am not going to mention my health for the rest of the month.  So you may care to avoid my 1st April post because I'll let rip about it again then...


  1. I've never before heard the term, "like the forth road bridge.

    Poor kitty. She's probaly wondering what the hell happened to her and why, but at least having the thing around her head might be entertaining for you as she walks and bumps into things.

    I hope your migraine ceases its grip on your head. I can sort of relate and it sucks to be in chronic pain all the time that is debilitating. Go to bed, sleep and dream big.

  2. Aaaaw! poor little pussycat! The good thing is that she'll soon be a happy catling again, with the added happiness of finally being allowed outside.
    And your "outside" looks really lovely with the spring flowers out!
    Hmmm you are maybe following too many blogs? But I know it is difficult to decide which ones - if any at all - to stop following... so many lovely people write so many interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking things every day. I have given my blog list a spring-cleaning last week, but most of the ones I cancelled from my list were ones with nothing happening anymore in months or even years anyway.

    1. My blog list has just had a spring clean as well. I think it has ended up like the dust of a real Spring cleasn - moved around but not diminshed. The problem, as you say, is which of the wonderful writers to drop. One of my planned future posts is to include a little selection of quotations from bloglings. Quotations that are worthy of some of the greatest minds / writers.
      What I propoise to do in future is skip some of the ones I only half know and make sure I read the ones I now count as friends, like yourself. I dislike it when something fairly major happens in their lives and I don't learn about it until weeks later.

  3. oh, God love you! Migraines are devastating. I feel for you, having suffered for years. Please talk to your doctor about an alternate medicine.
    Spring must have arrived early in your area. beautiful flowers We're due for more snow, not sure how much here.
    Poor Ivy, at least, that much was taken care of before my adopting Jax and Ting. However, Ting still is trying to scratch the carpet and furniture. :)
    I hope by now, you are resting and recovering. I'd have to say that my husband worked toward sainthood because of my incapacitation due to migraines and unmentionables in mixed company.

  4. Please give Ivy a cuddle from me. Poor little puss, but at least she'll be able to go outside soon and that will entertain you all I'm sure.

  5. No they don't or should not.
    They finished painting it a couple of years ago in paint that will last twenty years. Mind you I had a house rendered with paint that was guaranteed a lifetime. That lasted five years and was a bugger to remove....Where it had stuck. My house looked as if it had had a dose of plague. I went for lime wash as a replacement.

    1. Just goes to show - you can't believe all it says on the tin!

  6. Oh, no! I was loving this post until I got to the end. Poor you. Migraines are the absolute worst. Take care of yourself, dear friend, and hopefully it will soon be better. xoxox

  7. Take care of yourself and don't feel pressure to read each and every post, with a migraine coming on. Fabulous primroses, I need (ok want) some. Poor kitty will forgive you eventually for the collar and operation.

  8. Yes. The Forth Road Bridge is still a common saying in company I keep. It's a bit ironic given that a few years ago they finished painting it with a special paint which is supposed to last for quite a long time and make constant painting a thing of the past. Imagine working on the bridge for 30 years and being told you won't be needed for another 10 years. I bet no one saw that coming 10 years ago.

  9. My hubby suffers every so often with migraines. He also takes care of many people who have them..he's a Chiropractor. I hope yours is over by now and you're doing better. Poor Ivy...but I do love her last pic. If looks could kill! I envy that garden and all your flowers. We're bracing for more snow tonight. I'm hoping that March will go out like a lamb since it came in like a snow covered lion! I'm ready to have posts of my own to show our flowers!

  10. It's now 4 a.m. Wednesday. I had a yuck evening / night. Around midnight I took double my dose of migraine tablets and an extra load of pain killers and am moderately humasn again - actually I'm bouncing off the walls because the pain-killers are opiates. So thanks to all who expressed concern. No more health stories until April...

  11. Looks like enjoying the garden is just the right thing to give priority to when the weather allows! ♥

  12. Give Ivy a hug for me, and tell her soon she will be able to go outside and enjoy all those lovely blooms.
    Sorry your migraines are acting up again, I hope you're feeling better now. I like Norma's advice about seeking alternative medicine.
    You seem to be rather busy, remember to slow down sometimes.


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